Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Baghdad Burning

It is really amazing how the internet is creating a global community. Tired of reading filtered news? Well with the internet you can find out exactly what people are thinking almost anywhere in the world. "River" is an Iraqi woman who has been blogging from Iraq for the past 3 years.

According to this article over at the English page of Al-Jazeera the blog has been nominated for the British Samuel Johnson prize in nonfiction, which is the world's richest nonfiction prize.

Of course, remember, blogs are stories from one person's point of view. Regardless of whether you think this is true or false, it represents and reinforces beliefs that are commonly held, beliefs, that citizens in a globalized world will have to reckon with.

You can read her blog here: http://riverbendblog.blogspot.com/

Thanks to Amitava Kumar, a professor at my old alma mater.


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