Thursday, April 13, 2006

"Breaking Point"

I love Suzanne Brockmann’s books. Every time I pick one up I learn something new. Right now I’m reading “Breaking Point,” which came out last year. What I really like about how this book is that she gets the reader engaged into the characters as human beings without emphasizing their race or class background. I’m a quarter of the way through the book and only now did I realize that one of the main characters is of Indian descent. Another of the main characters is gay, and not a silly frivolous man, but a real, tough FBI agent. It doesn’t matter (it shouldn’t matter) but it makes the story so much more realistic because it shows modern American society as it is: multicultural. She does an excellent job of writing minority characters without emphasizing their…minority-ness, and rather shows them as human beings.

When I finish reading this book, I may just have to go out and buy it now rather than later…


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