Thursday, April 13, 2006

Finn's Emotional Mini-bio

Right now I'm reading Nancy Kress's Write Great Fiction: Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint : (Techniques and exercises for crafting dynamic characters and effective viewpoints). I find it helpful when stuck to go back to the basics and re-evaluate what's going on characterwise and plotwise. I figured I'd try one of the excercises in the book for my MC.


Emotional Mini-Bio for Finn

Name: Finn Foxjoy

What 3 or 4 things does this person value most in life: Memory, friendship, loyalty

What 3 or 4 things does she most fear: Never knowing finding her past, doctors, inadvertently hurting someone

What is this person’s basic underlying attitude about life? To know who you are, you need to remember what you were. Everything else falls into place from there.

What does she need to know about another person in order to accept that other as “all right” and trustworthy? She never fully trusts anyone. Everyone she cares for only has pieces of trust; it's all the easier to avoid complete betrayal. Except for Takeo. Takeo has her full and complete confidence. Why? I have no idea. There's a story there that I haven't explored yet.

What would cause this person more pain than anything else possible? Not finding her past; never knowing who she was.

What would this person consider the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to her? Finding her past and a family and place to whom she belongs.

What 3 words would she use to describe herself (accurate or not)? Odd, Lost, Artist

How accurate is her self-description? She paints very well but art is not truly her passion. She doesn’t know this yet.

What organization most embodies this person’s values? Hippies? Artists?

Does she belong to this group? If not why not? Hippies and artists generally don’t have an organization.

Playing on the ipod now: "Diamonds Are Forever," Kanye West.


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