Monday, May 22, 2006

Telling Stories

It's so nice to be done with the semester.

The past week, I just relaxed by going to work, cleaning, reading all the books I've been meaning to read, and writing (yes that's how lame my life is).

I finished my first novella.

I started a new one.

The New York urban fantasy one is on hold for now; I found myself trying to write a novel with an overt message about culture and postmodernism (that's what over-education does), when what I should have been doing was writing a good story.

If you're bored and looking for something decent to read while you're stuck at work, try HerCircle ezine.

From the website:

Storytelling is an integral part of the human experience. Even before there was a written language, people told stories as a means of preserving the ideals and events important to their time. The creation of the alphabet allowed for these histories to be written down and preserved, thus forming the foundation of the literary canon that we know today.

Literature in
Her Circle is divided into four departments: What She Knows seeks to explore the multiplicity of women's realities and to identify prescribed modes of behavior; Breaking Form represents a departure from those realities and behaviors; War Cry denotes stories that consider the role of women in conflicts, both theoretical and physical; and Transcending Bounds attempts to re-imagine the many worlds of women, fostering a sense of a world community of women.

HerCircle is also currently accepting submissions...


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